TreeSisters ~ Women Seeding Change

I came across this organization just today ~ and had to share!  I so resonate with the message, mission, and know I’m meant to get involved.

TreeSisters ~ Women Seeding Change;  Founded in September 2010

Women as a Force of Nature, on Behalf of Nature!

Their Mission:

“To help reforest the tropics within 10 years, through the combined love, courage, creativity and brilliance of women everywhere. To inspire the creation of a global network of proactive Mothers, Grandmothers and Daughters working together to help accelerate rates of global reforestation and the shift towards a sustainable world.”

Their Story:

“To reinstate the value of the feminine, so that women and planet are respected and protected as the norm.

Isn’t it time that we rediscovered how to operate through a balance of both masculine and feminine principles? The Feminine is the crucial missing link in our derailing world, and this campaign is for Her.

TreeSisters goes where no other campaign has gone before: into the exploration of how the negation of the feminine principle is a primary cause of climate change, and how its reinstatement is crucial for our survival. Women’s wisdom, gifts, creativity and courage are needed now more than ever, and this campaign is an overt attempt to elicit and tap them on behalf of the natural world, and our children who are to inherit.

The campaign is being built around a framework of balance called the TreeSister map of 5 choices (see our albums)

Can we build a global network of proactive women to effect major change? Of course we can, we just have to choose to…”

Their General Information:

“We are based in Bristol, England, and our team is growing internationally. We aim to build tree sisterhoods in every developed country that fundraise for existing reforestation initiatives mainly in the tropics.  We are a charity, registered in the UK, No 1149961”