Shri Kali Ashram

Ashram means “Community” ~ so here we are in Goa, India, surrounded by Yogis from all over Planet Earth.  There are some long term students here ~ staying 6 months, a year, or more and so with students coming in for 1 or 3 month stays, the numbers go up and down monthly.  For December 2013 there have been about 50 of us; and in January 2014 there will be about 90 of us (pretty much capacity for this location at this time, I believe).

The main building where we meet in “Community” for our classes, lectures and for our meals is called “Mata Shree”, which means “Auspicious Mother”.  It used to be a hotel & restaurant, and has 3 floors.  The first floor has the kitchen/dining/meeting area/plus some rooms, the 2nd floor is all rooms, and the roof top is a wonderful space, open yet mostly shaded, for our Yoga classes.


The other large building, where James and I are staying, is about a 5 minute walk from Mata Shree.  It is called “Brandon Inn” and was also previously a hotel.  When the rooms at both Mata Shree and Brandon Inn are full, rooms in the Village Community are rented monthly as needed . . . this way, our “Ashram” becomes part of that community as well.

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